Near Dogg — from Making Beats to Rapping in Swedish

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Near Dogg

NearDogg Beats is a (Music Producer / Beat Maker / Swedish Rapper recently) who started with music in 2008 until now. Provides original Hip-Hop instrumentals for artists (real underground/hardcore type beats).
which offers you enough { Professional / HQ }.

Near Dogg has a huge music library with artists from all over the world as:
Eric Delshun (Memphis, Tennessee USA)
DC The Truth (Washington, D.C. USA)
Esta Da Boss (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Joker Jr Of 217 CLAN (Makkah, KSA)
Al Hevy (Amman, Jordan)
Da ALCz (Palestine)
DJ YASSER Of 217 CLAN (Makkah, KSA)
Tamer Nafar Of DAM (Palestine)
Dee Kay (Damascus, Syria)
Ibrahim Basha NuruleZ (Latakia, Syria)
Tim Granite Of Run Junxion (Jeddah, KSA)
Mr.Famous Of 217 CLAN (Makkah, KSA)
Adamy Of Razor Records (Tripoli, Libya)
Siraj al Amir — R.I.P — (Baghdad, Iraq)
Ahmed Doski (Baghdad, Iraq)
Steve (Baghdad, Iraq)
Masters Of Art (Baghdad, Iraq)
A U Zi — Killer (Khartoum, Sudan)
Phenomenal Community (Baghdad, Iraq)
Street Boom (Oman)
AsSaSsiN (Kuwait)
R3 (UAE) … and many more !

Near Dogg decided to Start as a Swedish Rapper in his career in starting of 2020. He dropped his first single which called “Tar Över” as a music video on Youtube. It reached more than 100K in one month !

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Tar Över

Then dropped his second single called “Choose Me Feat D BOY” 5 days ago. Near Dogg is getting popular in Sweden within mounth his channel reached 200k views only on youtube.
“New work will be out with big artists from all over the world” as Near Dogg wrote in his social media.

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Choose me


Written by

Dr Mattias Lundberg, Research Fellow, Department of Musicology, University of Uppsala, Sweden and Head of Rare Collections and RISM, Swedish National

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