The niche site journey begins

Ok, so here’s the deal:

(see what I did there? My boy Brian Dean taught me a thing or two.)

I’ve been looking into the thing they call “Amazon Niche Sites” A LOT lately. The inspiring texts of passive income of thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve read them all.

Basically, what it is (for you who end up reading this that might not know) is that you create a website with the sole purpose of ranking for popular Google keywords/search terms. Keywords that preferably has a buying intent because you could then lead your traffic to Amazon where they’ll hopefully end up buying something and you’ll get a cut of the profit.

So this is what I am going to do. Starting now.

The research: Choosing my niche

Choosing what niche your site should operate within can be difficult. You’ll need to research hour and hours for that gem. The gem that no one yet has found and that will bring you rankings and dollars instantly.

But quickly I realized that I’m kinda last on the ball here. The ball barely exists anymore because the big dragons kicked it away or ate it up.

So eventually I gave up searching because unless I wanna write reviews about the “Best toothpastes 2017” I will never find myself a niche.

Oh wait, that post already exists and it was created by one if them dragons AND THEY TESTED 200 DIFFERENT TOOTHPASTES. I have one tube of Colgate in my bathroom..

Breaking the rules: Finding my niche

So eventually I gave up,

I’ll never find an easy and profitable niche in July 2017 that I’ll also enjoy writing and creating valuable content about.

Instead I realized that my niche has been there all along. My niche is obviously something I am already interested in. No matter how competitive it might be. That’s what I’m doing!

(I’m not gonna tell you my niche but I love sports so it’s something within that and it is of course very competitive)

Is this really true?

Is this guy going to break all the finding-the-right-niche rules all at once on his FIRST TRY? Well yeah.. that’s the only way I could ever do this.

For the simple reason that if I’m gonna try to build something long lasting and something that I might bring in a decent income with it needs to be something that I already love. Something I’m passionate about.

Also I’d rather earn a little less money going into a competitive field and trade that for having some fun along the way instead.

Creating my site

After you found your niche and you have about 200 rows of keywords in your excel document it’s now time for me to get going.

As I’m finishing this text I am also pressing purchase on a fresh web hosting and a great domain name. I picked a brandable domain name over a keyword-domain by the way.

  • I also chose a free wordpress theme (can be upgraded which I might to further on). Simple blogging theme with just the basic functionality.
  • I picked my first keyword that I will write about. There’s 720 searches/month but mostly it’s probably one of my most important posts that I can’t skip (I think some people call them pillar posts?).
  • And yes, I will produce my own content at the start. To keep the costs low and also since I chose this niche I myself can provide value into my posts without much research or having to pay someone for it.

If you’re looking to get into Niche sites here are also some of my resources I follow to learn:

  • Niche Framework — Facebook group currently led by Doug Cunnington (he livestreams about this almost every day).
  • Backlinko — It’s sort of a cliché to mention Brian Dean and his work but it has taught me a lot about SEO and Link building in general.
  • —Doug Cunnington again. You should read all of his blog posts!
  • — Content marketing case studies that I enjoy.

That’s it for this first post on my beginning journey towards affiliate success. Next post I hope to be able to update you on some of my research and how the writing is going. Maybe the stars align and I’ll already have a link by then!

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