He is someone who is comfortable enough with himself that he isn’t intimidated by anyone else’s success or looks but rather chooses to celebrate and honor that person’s individuality. From this relationship, he draws the inspiration to be and become his best self.
Me: Too Tall and Too Pretty to Get a Date
Charlie Sierra Bravo

And here’s the clincher. Deep down there are very VERY few men who are comfortable enough w themselves.

And even fewer who will praise and uplift you as an opportunity to grow themselves. It’s something I struggle with most days and i consider myself to be reasonably “enlightened”

My lady is equally successful, tall and with a big personality (she’s a black run skier to boot — I’ve skied once, ever) she’s also considerably more intelligent than I.

So I feel I understand your plight in some respects.

Stay strong. The right person will fall into your lap when you least expect it. Know that. xx