Judge Jeanine unfairly portrayed Hillary tonight June 11th. Regarding Jeanine's translation of Hillary's comment that everyone knew she uses a private server and emailed to her private server, Jeanine says that Hillary threatens President Obama with that comment. That is so wrong and unfair to say that! It is clear to me that Hillary's comment that "everyone knew she was using the private server" is saying that the Republican's attack on her emails is irrelevant! That is all! She is not trying to be threatening to Obama or anyone who emailed her with that account! Jeanine is the one being threatening and conniving by wrongfully portraying Hillary in a horrible light!
Hillary did not commit any criminal act with her emails! Email technology was less advanced back then. People were still downloading emails to Outlook. Most people did not have access to their emails with their cell phone back then. Hillary had the private server set up for convenience to access her emails with her cell phone which was important for her job! She was not trying to trick people with her account. It's the way email was back then! Email protocol was new and undeveloped back then also! Now we have better email standards and more secure ways to have access emails with our cell phones. Email protocol is not legal bounding. Emails are not necessarily Government documents. Hillary also communicated by phone. Not all communications are recorded. Republicans are just looking for dirt on Hillary for Political gain! It is not right! They don't have a case! Coco is right. The FBI already knows there is no validity to the email attacks on Hillary. She has already been drilled about it! Give it up Fox News! Fox News is so rigged to satisfy the right wing, it is pathetic!

I demand a public apology from Judge Jeanine to Hillary Clinton for wrongfully portraying Hillary in a horrible light. That is not fair journalism. Fox News is as bad as fake tabloids.

Matt Ostrom

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