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I acknowledged in my first paragraph that there is no public evidence. That does not automatically mean the CIA possess no evidence and hopefully we will find out more in the coming weeks. I do not claim to know the truth as I don’t work for the CIA. However, I don’t deny the possibility of their claims either.

The fact that the people involved in the hacking, including Wikileaks, claiming that Russia wasn’t involved means nothing.

“Everything that follows a lie is a result of a lie being told…”
-Less evidence to support this statement than evidence that the CIA is lying.

“You don’t get to say that’s his reaction as if it were the truth.” 
-Again, you do not know the truth, and neither do I at this point. Also, this statement is somewhat mute as Trump is indifferent to truth. He invents fictional scenarios in his head on a daily basis. We have all witnessed the severity of this over the past 18 months. The CIA could present Trump with incontrovertible evidence regarding Russian hacking tomorrow, and he would most likely still deny it. The chance of Trump ever publicly acknowledging a mistake is slim, to say the least. That is why Trump’s immediate and public response to this situation is so dangerous.

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