I recognize that Hillary Clinton was a somewhat flawed candidate who made some pretty costly mistakes.
And So It Begins…Revitalizing The Hillary Clinton Attacks
Johnny V. Boykins

More important than Clinton being a flawed candidate is that she ran an inexcusably horrible campaign. She avoided media and press conferences for months on end, skipped states she needed to campaign to secure electoral college votes, and did not aggressively counter Trump’s compulsive lying and authoritarian ambitions.

Hillary, like many Americans, assumed Trump was little more than a reality TV con man, and thus posed no real threat. The idea that he would ever possess the nuclear football was nothing more than a joke-at least in the beginning. However, when Trump garnered the Republican nomination, and polls revealed swing states approaching the margin of error, her campaign refused to adapt and target Trump as the very serious threat he had become.

Hillary campaigned as if the presidency was owed to her. Like her husband, she possesses a dangerously large ego. She assumed that her experience as First Lady, Senator of New York, and Secretary of State made her next in line to the Oval Office by default.

While I can only imagine the monetary benefits Hillary will reap from her book tour, it will almost certainly affect Democrats negatively in the coming 2018 midterms. Her return to the public eye will do little other than reassure Trump voters in their belief that they made the right choice and further fracture Democrats who are seemingly incapable of getting on the same page with one another.