When U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan abruptly pulled the American Health Care Act — the “Obamacare Repeal and Replacement” package — shock waves reverberated through Washington’s political class and around the nation.
3 Lessons Learned from the GOP’s Healthcare Reform Failure
Charlie Gerow

Really? I think this is exactly what was expected by anyone paying attention.

As you mentioned, healthcare reform is not an easy task (despite what Trump claims). It is easy to obstruct and push through meaningless bills to repeal Obamacare knowing that doing so is strictly symbolic.

I have to disagree with your analysis regarding Trump’s (and the GOP’s) eagerness to pivot. It makes perfect sense. As of now, they have nothing better to offer. Given the fact that most Republicans wish to be reelected, they may say one thing, but when the time comes to vote, they likely won’t support something that causes a load of their constituents to lose coverage.

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