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This is the only point I am going to respond to as this is going nowhere as you appear to have everything figured out. However, the sheer stupidity of this statement is a bit much.

Nowhere did I ever even imply that Trump is somehow closer to Hitler than Clinton. While Hitler was indeed an authoritarian, and arguably a fascist, he was not the only one in history. Not all authoritarians are the equivalent of the worst one. The fact that you seem completely unaware of this, and that authoritarianism presents itself on a spectrum of behavior and actions is proof that you do not understand this issue.

You also appear unaware that scholars who have studied authoritarian behavior and fascist thought have publicly warned that Trump is embracing the very traits and tactics of past authoritarians. Or, you are aware of this, yet believe you are smarter and know better.

I am by no means a scholar, but I do maintain a foundational understanding of these issues. For this very reason, I am capable of acknowledging that an individual is entirely capable of being an authoritarian without equaling the horrors of Hitler. This topic is far more nuanced than you seem to believe. Maybe, one day you will understand this too.

There is no shortage of books, lectures, or material on the subject. I would urge you to look into it. Or, continue to believe I am “hyperventilating” and disregard my writing as nothing more than the opposite of a nutty Christian conservative. Whatever works for you. I will continue to write either way.