100 (and one) tips for better UX design

Internet is full of all kinds of lists of “7 rules to great UX” and whatnot. I never felt like they are enough. In a way they are because I like when you only have less than 10 rules. Its easier to obey them for sure. But if you’re just starting with UX and want to keep them as a guidebook to guide you through a rough start? Seven is not enough.

I gathered all kinds of lists, browsed the web, read some books (during past 10 years) and wrote all the points I thought somebody would need to get started with UX. Even veterans might find something to spice up their design, but for them 7 rules might be enough.

Why just tips and not rules?

Rules imply that you have to do what they say, even if you disagree with them. Tips sound more interactive and open to interpretation.

101 UX tips (in development)

I haven’t got all the 101 tips yet, but I’ll add them here. I’ll try to do at least few per week.

And there will be plenty more.

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