Hungry Jacks needs a rebrand

Matthew Jacobs
Aug 5 · 3 min read

HJ’s — we can all agree that it has a vermin reputation. Anyone from Perth ever been to Freo Hungry Jacks? Fuck that place is a dump. Never seen so many toothless customers in my life.

No wonder they closed late last year.

To be fair, their food isn’t much of a drop-off from other drunken favourites like McDonalds or KFC.

Yet there’s an existing demographic who would never eat Hungry Jacks but would happily scoff down a double quarter pounder meal.

I’ll include myself this ignorant demographic. We love fast-food, but we’re above eating Hungry Jacks. Why?

They likely have similar cooking instruments to McDonald’s, KFC, etc. They definitely have similar employees. I’d say they also source their food from like-quality suppliers to other fast food competitors.

Sure it’s slightly cheaper than other fast-food favourites. It doesn’t mean the food quality is lower — businesses have to remain competitive in one way or another.

Doesn’t change the shitty rep HJ’s has. Having lived in WA and SA, everyone would rather clog their arteries elsewhere.

What’s a solution to this problem?

Enter Burger King.

Hungry Jack’s is the Australian master franchise of Burger King. You won’t find HJ’s anywhere else besides the land down under.

I can’t remember eating HJ’s once this entire year. Yet as soon as I went on holiday, I ate Burger King 3 times in 2 weeks.

I’ll admit that 2 of the 3 times were at airports. Does that count? I say yes.

I was drawn to Burger King. I chose it over neighbouring McDonalds.

And you know what? It was fucking delicious. Hit the spot every time.

Look maybe I just got lucky and the majority of Burger King’s are shit.

That doesn’t change the fact I was drawn to Burger King. I didn’t come in expecting shitty food as you do with Hungry Jacks.

So my brilliant idea for Hungry Jacks is to rebrand their stores across Australia to Burger Kings.

I have no idea whether this idea would produce sustainable value for Hungry Jacks. It would involve stores undergoing costly renovations. Half the stores I’ve walked into are filthy anyways. A facelift would help.

Refreshing their menu is a possibility, but not a necessity. HJ’s could stay in business with their current suppliers and use the same grills, deep-friers, etc.

Ultimately the rebrand aims to end the HJ’s current placebo. You walk in expecting trash, you walk out feeling like trash.

Would this work? I don’t know. You’ll need to speak to a marketing analyst to determine the costs vs. benefits of an Australia-wide rebrand.

All I know is that Hungry Jacks is going nowhere fast.

Anything is worth a try. Try and replicate the success of American-style burger joints like Varsity Bar and Hoodburger.

I would give Burger King a second chance; to rejoin my domain of hungover comfort food. Would you?

Matthew Jacobs

Written by

An extremely amateur blogger — all feedback/criticism is welcomed! Perth, Australia. Instagram — mattjacbs

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