Day 1.

The Los Angeles Sabbatical.

We rarely get to see our heroes grow. It’s not often that those we hold in high esteem as “successes” reveal the details and downsides of their personal journeys. I’ve become quite obsessed with the likes of Tim Ferriss, Steve Jobs, and Tony Robbins. These DudeGuys all came from completely different backgrounds; some privileged, some not, and grew themselves into powerhouses in their respective fields. I’ve read and read and read about their personal journeys into notoriety and wealth, of their humble beginnings and rise to success, but I never got to actually SEE them rise. Steve Jobs was a little more visible during his ups and downs, but he was already a millionaire by the time any of us saw his name in that clean Helvetican script.

By the way- in zero worlds am I suggesting that I’m anyone’s hero.

But I AM writing about my journey. Vulnerability isn’t something that makes me comfortable AT ALL. I no likey. Maybe you no likey reading about a DudeGuy’s vulnerability. But today is a messy day. Was a messy day. But it was also a beautiful day. I’m peering around down here, seeing a whole lotta rocks, but I also glanced up at the surface where it’s glistening, and I wanna go there!

Tomorrow I move out officially from a gorgeous house I love in the quaint and quirky Mar Vista neighborhood in L.A. Out to where? Not sure yet. Moving sucks, right? Right. It sucks for all the normal reasons but also for the ones you forget about til you move- the cold, dreary offices of the truck and storage rental spots, having to bribe friends with donuts to get them to help you carry stuff, and the sweaty sticky swollen hands from a day of shifting dusty furniture. Then the lonely creeps in. The house that became a home rapidly turns back into an echoing group of walls, and it doesn’t relent from calling out memories of the time and joy spent within it. Happily, though, my two perfect dogs seem to enjoy the lack of obstruction during play- their mischief inspiring the only smiles of the day. I’m sad, man. Really sad. Bigger and better, though, right? I’m probably downsizing, though, so, “smaller and better?”

For the next six weeks I’ll be on the road. Me, my dogs, my laptop, and my words. Writing the second season of, and running an Indiegogo campaign for, my series, Platonic, will be priority number one. Oh, did I mention I don’t have a day (or more accurately, night) job anymore? This is the first time in my life I will be focusing solely on doin’ art. I’ll even get paid a little for it. Sometimes I write things about booze and get paid for it (even though I don’t drink anymore- more on that in the future.) Here’s the link to my latest. Generous family and friends have agreed to put me up while I cruise around, finding words and writin’ ’em.

Ultimately, I’m hoping that the details of my journey inspire one or two of you along the way. It’s kindof a “quit-my-job-even-though-I’m-broke-and-going-all-in-on-everything-I-want” kind of story. I don’t think my current hero Tim Ferriss would approve, and frankly there are some forthcoming details that my cause one or two of you to disapprove. But I guess that’s a part of the vulnerability that I’m attempting to experience and share and a part of the journey that scares me the most. Burn the boats. Take the island. I’ll see you on the beach.