Miscellaneous Musings #MHAW15

I said I’d do some light blog writing for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015, and so I’ll start here with a little intro.

For those who know me (IRL), you’ll know I tend to be a very private person when it comes to talk of love, woe and all the tender, squishy, emotional subjects. HOWEVER, one of the few things I'm very willing to open up about publicly, is my experience with mental illness. I do this once in a while, because in my experience although many more people these days may be aware of mental illnesses, I get the impression that it can be rather difficult to understand what a mentally ill person is going through, unless you’ve had the misfortune to go through the experience for yourself.

Just by having a little understanding of what may be going on inside someone else’s head, you could do them a world of good, if they ever needed your support.

Not only that, but reading about the experiences of others was one thing that was a huge help for me when I was in the throws of it all, and so in a way, I’d like to return the favour.

What do I intend to spam you all with, I hear you ask?

I’ll try keep these posts short, but I got words for days, so who knows?! I’ve got a few bits pre-planned, and I’ll touch on a few areas, mostly related to my personal experiences, with some factual knowledge thrown in where relevant. ‘Cos if I know my online peer group, and I think I do, I know y’all love some good, p<0.05 facts mixed in with your anecdotes.

NB: Gifs from TV shows may or may not be added to illustrate emotive points or sarcasm.

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