Dear Investors: So You Want to Take Diversity Seriously (Part 1)
Mitch & Freada Kapor

Refreshing to see the “lowering the bar” assumption addressed head-on.

In many cases, those subjected to negative, unconscious biases find themselves confronting the consequences of said biases on a recurring basis. A woman is repeatedly overlooked for a promotion. A person of color is repeatedly assumed to be less capable. A person from a non-dominant culture is repeatedly told that she is not “management material”.

The ultimate outcomes of these biased environments tend to be represented on the resumes of those who most differed from their colleagues — whether because of gender, culture, or race. The woman appears less qualified because she did not get the promotion that she deserved. A person of color appears less qualified because she received less compelling projects because of concerns about her ability. The person from a non-dominant culture appears less qualified because she never had the opportunity to lead a team.

Recognizing that we cannot see the counterfactual — a world in which outcomes are wholly aligned with merit, measured objectively — is critically important if we want to begin addressing diversity issues head-on. So, kudos to the team at Kapor Capital for its initiative and its holistic perspective.