Where can you eat healthy in Cape Town?

There are plenty of places where you can find a healthy meal in Cape Town, but I’m gonna speak about 3 places particularly for some reasons.

In those places I’ve chose you can add more protein in the meals already prepared if you want to, you can chose vegan options, they have snack meal and shakers if you wanna eat in the afternoon, and you can eat there for a pretty decent price.

All those places are pretty much the same in termes of menu and food, from the smoothie to the wrap passing by the salad…

If you’re looking for a place where you can eat healthy and also add more protein (chicken, egg, whey, vegan protein…)check below:)


Kauai is a restaurant franchise that you can find almost everywhere in Cape Town.

The price are decent and the quality is pretty good, just be aware about something, if you wanna add or take off something of your meal just repeat it a lot of times because the people are not use to it and they don’t really understand and you’ll probably have to complain after to get what you wanted. And also about the smoothies be really careful and remember to ask them to don’t put lots of ice inside otherwise it will be impossible to drink it.

In termes of price you can have a smoothie for 3 euros (45 Rand), wrap and salad for 4 euros (60 Rand), breakfast for 2–4 euros (30–60 Rand).

You can find Kauai almost everywhere in Cape Town (city bowl, gardens, camp’s bay, Seapoint, Greenpoint…).



NÜ is pretty much the same than Kauai but better quality, more choices and a really important point, you don’t need to complain most of the time about what you asked and what they actually give you. And about the smoothies you don’t have to worry about anything it will be great and not full of ice.

The only real problem with NÜ is that in Cape Town you’ll find only 3 restaurants: Gardens inside of the gym virgin active, Greenpoint, and Seapoint.

Even if it can be far from your position you should try to pass by it’s a place that you must try if you love healthy, vegan, or organic food.

The price are almost the same than the one in Kauai but you’ll be really happy to pay the same price for more quality ;)



Osumo is one more time another address that you should try if you pass by, you will find the same type of food than the other restaurants that I’ve spoken about before (wrap, salad, smoothies, breakfast…)

Always with the same idea that you can add more protein in you shaker, or in your meal ( for an extra price).

The price are one more time almost the same but like in NÜ the quality is superior to Kauai and also nothing to complain about most of the time.

You can find Osumo only in Seapoint and Greenpoint that’s the big problem about Osumo, not many restaurants yet.



If you are in Cape Town for a few days and you don’t wanna mess up with your diet or you still want to enjoy healthy and tasty food you should try one of those places.

Personally I like more NÜ, the menu is different and the quality is really good, I can add more protein in all meal or smoothies, and also I almost never need to complain which is a really important point here in Cape Town.

In any of those places you can have a healthy meal for around 10–15 euros (200 Rand)for 2 people.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list of places to eat clean and healthy in Cape Town, feel free to let me know what you think about it, or if you know other places that you would like me to add to the list.

Enjoy your stay :)

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