Chasing Cheese

Three sad mice,

Looking for some cheese,

Enough to feel free,

To do as they please.

The first of the mice,

Tempts fate and a trap,

Loses his head,

Takes a long nap.

The second of the mice,

As brave as he is fat,

Picks up the cheese,

But can’t outrun the cat.

The third of the mice,

Now by himself,

Looks up above,

Sees cheese on the shelf.

Climb, he could,

Till the shelf has been topped,

Eat all the cheese,

Until his belly is popped.

But mouse number three,

Second guesses the cheese,

Contemplates his life,

Re-evaluates his needs.

How much is enough?

He thinks in his head,

Do we all just chase cheese,

Until we’re all dead?

So the mouse does not climb,

But instead goes outside,

Where the cheese is missing,

But the world is wide.

He breathes in the air,

Feels the sun on his face,

No need for cheese,

No need to chase.

One happy mouse,

Just existing to be,

Content to be without,

Finally free.

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