In my own search, it was startling to me how one coffee or a casual word from a friend could turn my day up or down.
The right way to start a company
Sam Gerstenzang

I love it when a startup conversation over coffee turns into questions like “what if you tried…,” “have you tried doing…,” or “just imagine if…”

Your companion starts to try and fit your idea with their unique perspective and it leads to massive creative leaps and positive vibes. You both start saying, “Yes! and then we could … or even …”

You leave with a smirk on your face and the thought that maybe you aren’t so crazy after all. With all the nay-sayers out there, it’s refreshing to find those special people who just want to help you succeed.

Lately I’ve had more of these conversations with people outside of Silicon Valley. They are more excited (perhaps naïve) about the possibilities of tech and haven’t yet seen all the reasons why you might fail.