It’s a chilly, damp, morning in Zion National Park. I enter the mouth of the Narrows — a sixteen-mile trek — alone at 5:30 am.

I hear the leaves on the aspen trees whisper and collide like dominoes, watch the Virgin River careen effortlessly around bronze and black boulders the size of small Volkswagens, and glimpse the first rays of sunlight peak over Angels Landing — a dangerous 1,500-foot cliff of sandstone rock and jutting juniper trees. The hues of the morning sky — sapphire blue, gold, ruby, and the fading pitch-black of the night — are pure and clear.

You know that moment while sleeping when you realize your feet are too long for the bed you’ve had since your 16th birthday?

There’s nothing more humbling. Seriously, someone thought combining my headboard with a bookshelf was a good idea. Wrong. Granted the books don’t tumble on your face, sleeping on a shelf-pillowcase feels like having your head plunged into a tree well.

Living in teenage nostalgia is just one of the few delights of moving back into your parents’ house. This topic is such a taboo in our culture, many people including myself have resorted to living double-lives around…

“Tried and true sales aren’t cutting it. Here are 3 techniques for powerful brand statements.”

Our lives revolve around making decisions; choosing the ‘right’ careers and partners, pondering whether to eat in or out, picking our wardrobes, and determining which auto shops to take our cars.

Advertising exists because people have decisions to make and problems to solve. Every billboard, magazine, TV, and social media ad tries to convince consumers their product or service is better than the competition. This formula isn’t new, and everyone’s using it. A sizable consumer base isn’t paying attention. …

Imagine one night walking back from your workplace you spot a suitcase in the middle of an alleyway.

“How could someone leave their suitcase here?” You ask puzzled. You start walking the around the corner of the building looking for the owner, but no one is around as it’s late at night.

You decide to take the suitcase with you and report it to the police department in the morning. A glaring detail strikes you between the eyes: the case is unlocked.

Back at your house, you’re tempted to look inside, but you resist the temptation.

As you try to…

7 ways to become a better writer: Start today!

People who consider themselves non-writers, and must write for some part of their jobs often tell you they’d love to pass their duties on to someone else. These individuals believe they lack the fundamental skill with words. Let’s be candid; writing is not easy. It feels awkward and unnatural a lot of the time.

Oops, that’s me too.

So, what if I said you could be a capable writer with a few pieces of advice? It doesn’t matter what your profession or background is. Anyone will benefit. You could learn to…

For most of us, at some point in time, we become ‘stuck.’

While nothing in our immediate surroundings seems to be an issue, we can’t help but feel the nagging sensation that something is not quite right in our lives. The feeling forces us to realize the fact that we’re capable of more, yet we’ve grown accustomed to settling for ‘ok,’ or ‘fine.’

Think about one area in your life that you would like to improve. This could be in your social network, your finances, or in personal development. What is stopping you from making the necessary changes? Often, if…

“I’m not lying. The cat was upstairs when I fed him, then got inside the kitchen pantry downstairs in a few seconds. It freaked me out. Nothing I know could move that fast. The cat must have teleported” My roommate concluded.

“You might be underestimating his speed. Cats move quickly.” I responded.

My sister’s feline could pull acrobatic stunts. Who knows? Maybe it was possible.

Among my roommates’ other haunted house memories were blood-soaked mattresses and apparitions on the wall.

Suddenly, I became aware the alarm going off in my chest.

It was a Friday night, and I was huddled around my two male roommates talking about ghosts and aliens. That prospect wasn’t sitting well with me.

I managed enough time to pull myself together; a black leather jacket, suede khakis, full beard trimmed, and hair slicked to the side.


“Cat. Six. Seven. Mouse. Dog. Eight. Ten. Fox.” She reads off the card.

“Cat. Six. Seven. Mouse. Dog. Eight. Ten. Fox.” I respond.

“Good job. Now let’s switch gears. This test will be more challenging.”

I feel confident as she flips to the next card on the deck.

“Okay, ready.”

“Lily loves to play soccer. She is the fastest girl on her team. In the tournament game, she scored three goals. This feat is known as a hat trick in sports. Her incredible effort advanced the team to the championship. Lilly was named MVP.”

The regions in my brain fire…

A friend once told me that playing music to strangers is the same as getting naked for them. I’ve never stripped to a crowd of people. I do know the fear of performing can be terrifying. I can’t say for sure if his saying is true.

Once, I watched a street musician who made performing look effortless. It was unreal. He could arrest the attention of anyone who came into his presence, always holding his composure.

“I want to get to that level. Whatever it takes.” I thought to myself.

After seeing the musician repeatedly praised and paid, the objective…

Do you ever wonder why certain individuals are more creative than others? They produce engaging and insightful work consistently, while others have moments of brilliance few and far between. My journey has felt often felt like the latter. I’ve gone weeks trying to find a single idea only to have a big headache. Conversely, they’re moments I grab the inspiration out of thin air. Where did logic go?

I’d accepted my creative plight as the norm, but then recently that belief changed. I stopped trying to impress everyone. I was working incredibly hard to write but was producing meager amounts…

Matt Kelley

Copywriter and connoisseur of words.

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