Six weeks later…

I am now six weeks into my return to New England, and I’m very pleased to say I have taken a job that’ll pay me money. They even announced it on Twitter.

Whenever a company uses a photo of my face, I wonder how many people are seeing it for the first time. I usually shy away from such things, preferring to just be seen as a geometric shape that some people think is a toy company.

Editing work continues on Orang-U. I am considering putting a slight orange tint over the footage, as it seems to make it look nicer for the most part. I’m also considering replacing the font used for all the captions with something that isn’t Futura. Approvals are being done with a tool called Wipster, which allows all of the producers to login, make comments and approve edits. I’ll be opening that up to the Indiegogo backers in the coming weeks.

There’s still a lot to do. I really want to see the premiere happen in a movie theater in the Boston area, but on a Saturday night that’s starting to look less likely. Maybe the internet knows of a place that’ll rent me a space? March 25th is the day and it’ll be in the evening because of conferences.

In the meantime, here’s 45 seconds of monkey movie. Let me know what you think.