There isn’t much in life that’s sustainably good that doesn’t require vulnerability. The problem, of course, is that vulnerability brings risk of pain or loss and that’s something we’re all wired to avoid.

But, think about it. To fall in love, truly in love, you must open yourself up and risk pain and loss. To take on the responsibility of a pet, and commit to the long run, you must open yourself up and risk pain and loss. To engage in competition of any sort, if you want to have a shot at winning, you must open yourself up to the risk of pain and loss. To take a stand against popular opinion, and endure all that comes with that, you must take the risk of pain and loss.

I guess if we looked at it rationally, which we typically don’t, the calculation would be simple. Does the value of the positive income outweigh the risk-adjusted pain and loss that could come to fruition? For some, the emotions of passion and love essentially make these decisions for us. For others, it’s more of a calculation. And for all, if you’ve been burned, it becomes a little bit harder to open up and take the risk of being vulnerable.

My thoughts as we start a new week? Take a risk. Be vulnerable. Take a step toward that goodness you see without overthinking the pain and loss. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And most importantly, you’ll have nothing to regret.

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