Trimming The T-Shaped Web Marketer Down To A Science


It’s a Friday afternoon and the clock is running in circles as you anxiously sit in your chair waiting for the workday to expire. Normally, you have a genuine appreciation for your job but this week has been rough and tonight is not the ordinary Friday night of hanging with the usual crowd.

Tonight, you have a date. And the conversations leading up to tonight have been nothing short of fantastic. A myriad of meaningful exchanges about your favorite hobbies and places you’d like to travel are colorfully discussed between the both of you. It’s like you two were meant for each other.

But much like just about everything in this world, not everything can be as good as it seems. The interests you share on hobbies and travel are where your favorite things about one another come to a screeching halt. You’re horrified to find out that your date has a deep, unequivocal passion for their personal collection of toenail clippings. The favorable view you had of this person is instantly shattered. Immediately, this has turned into a nightmare situation and for the second time today, you find yourself waiting for these moments in time to be over if you haven’t already run yourself out the door.

To draw a comparison, let’s say that you are a hiring manager at a digital marketing agency and your date (let’s call that person “Toenails”) is a person looking to be hired by said digital marketing agency.

The T-Shape

To start off, let’s keep in mind that there were actually some good things going for Toenails leading up to this date. It’s why you met up in the first place! Your mutual interests with hobbies and travel destinations aligned incredibly well. However, Toenails’ pitfalls soon followed as you sniffed out their lack of well-roundedness thanks to their unusual assemblage. At this moment, Toenails is more of an I-shape.

In today’s digital workforce, an employer’s ideal candidate is one that possesses strong knowledge and skills in the areas they are hiring for but also shows a familiarity with a range of digital concepts. These concepts can include but are not limited to SEO, PPC, social media, HTML, video advertising, etc.

To give a clear visual, offers this conceptualization for what it is to be a T-shaped web marketer.


In the dating world, the eventual goal is to find a person you can happily share lifelong companionship with. Toenails’ deficiencies are reason enough for you to throw that option out the window and continue searching for a partner that personifies a more suitable fit.

Much like the dating scene, the efforts of a digital marketing company range across a number of disciplines that are interconnected into one singular effort to achieve the company’s goals. The role of a T-shaped web marketer is to make that journey more seamless, effective, and attainable. Whether your goal as a web marketer is to increase your value within the company or just simply get hired by the company of your dreams, following the T-shaped concept is an important one if you want to be on that ride for success.

This industry is always growing. The more you’ve educated yourself over a range of disciplines, the more valuable your voice is within the industry. I guess what I’m getting at is to make sure that you are always expanding your skillset and don’t be Toenails. Not being metaphorical this time, just please don’t collect your toenails. That’s disgusting.

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