Your flippant response has caused me quite a bit of pain.

Haha this is without a doubt the best response I’ve ever had to anything I’ve posted on medium.

You’re right- I’m being flip, and humorously not seriously. Those who don’t plug into the matrix will probably be two types of people 1) the secular humanists (hippies) who favor a natural life unplugged and in nature, having babies the old fashioned way; and 2) people who reject the matrix for religious reasons.

Otherwise humanity will be a mix of people who are partially jacked in, jacked in 24/7 and/or maybe people who have given up their bodies completely and transcended into the virtual universe.

Have you written anything on the min number of people needed to maintain civilization? I’d be interested.

In modern day I think the number is much much higher- in the hundreds of millions. But with technology -especially strong AI- we could get that down to a million or less ( or zero. Maybe we voluntarily go extinct and life on through machines. )