mentioned by the New York Times.
Once again Wikileaks has NEVER released a falsified document in their history.
Trent Lapinski

Haha wow! Such credibility. Mentioned by a MSM outlet you say is participating in murder conspiracy. And you weren’t even published, just mentioned.

Son one day you’ll learn, if you keep having to read your resume, IQ etc to convince people of your bona fides, you’re either insecure, a fool or both. No one gives a damn that you were mentioned by The NY Times or interviewed by some podcast.

Journalism is not taking a bunch of conspiracy theories from the Internet and packaging them in an article. That’s plagiarism.

Journalism is going out and investigating first hand. It’s interviewing sources. Collecting evidence. Getting multiple sources for the same information to verify its accuracy.

You did none of that. You’re just a shill for conspiracy theorists. Go do some real original research and you won’t have to throw your weak resume around.

Your work will speak for itself.

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