Machines will soon program people

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We’re on the verge of a revolution — very soon, computers are going to start programming us, through ideas, culture, and eventually, our DNA.

We may have no idea this is happening to us.

To understand this, you really should start with the article “Artificial intelligence chatbots will overwhelm human speech online; the rise of MADCOMs.” There, I explain how emerging AI technologies will enable machine-driven communication tools (MADCOMs) that dynamically generate content for marketing, influence, politics, and manipulation. These MADCOMs will be running influence campaigns 24/7/365 all across the social web. But since the MADCOMs won’t be able to differentiate the human accounts from the machine-driven accounts, MADCOMs will run information ops on machines and people. The machines will talk back and run their own influence campaigns. The end result is the Internet being swamped by machines talking to other machines.

  1. Machines could easily manipulate us if they could hack our cognition (deep learning excels at finding patterns in complexity, and human cognition is a complex system). I wrote about the psychological and persuasive techniques used in computational propaganda in the report “Can Public Diplomacy Survive the Internet?
  2. We’re entering into a new cultural age where machine inputs count as much as human inputs. We will create a new and totally uncharted culture together. Will this be the new Renaissance, or the next Inquisition?
  3. Humans will use MADCOMs to wage cultural warfare on each other. Different groups with agendas will configure AIs to run operations to shape society with the culture they want to live in. Those not using these tools? Well, cultures using inferior technology rarely fare well when confronted with technologically superior civilizations.
  4. AIs will see heavy use in medicine. They may know things we don’t. We will probably use them to alter our genome. They might make changes in our genome we don’t/can’t understand that actually change our cognition, behavior or physiology. They could literally re-program us from the DNA up without all that messy culture stuff.
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