Wow, Matt! Who are you working for?

Ps I’m wasting my time obviously. I am so frustrated with the fact that Russia is waging a war on America and we have no idea, and we are losing badly. And I mean war not in the sense most Americans think of it, but in the classic Clausewitz definition: war is bending the enemy to your will.

The US thinks war is killing people and breaking things. So we have no idea Russia is waging war- bending us to its will- through information operations. They are using weaponized narrative and disinformation to fracture our democracy.

Why do you think this country is coming apart at the seams? The real enemy is outside our borders, not fellow Americans. But now we all call each other enemies and traitors.

Putin is having the last laugh.

And people like Trent are useful idiots in the disinformation sense, collecting pro-Russia conspiracy theories and repackaging them as truth, spreading their insidious viral load to more and more minds.


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