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Dinner (Image courtesy of Jonathan Lidbeck

There’s a reason you say cheese. Cause then you become the cheddar.

The tribes were right. We never should have given away our souls like that. Now, for too many, it’s probably too late.

It started innocently. Some still photos, then grainy videos. For fun and for history. When we tried to take their photos, they waved us off. Said it stole their soul. There was so much evidence if we just wanted to see. The Ten Commandments said “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”. The hadith banned images of any living creature. Sacrilege. Mohammed knew what he was doing there. The Amish said taking your own photo was sinful. …


Matt Chessen

AI focused DiploTechy writer of fiction & non-fiction. Looking for a literary agent. Author of Broad Horizons Opinions mine not USG

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