Fostering Growth with Educational Technology

In the past decade, industries have been changing drastically through the use of new technology, thoughtful leaders, and hardworking hands. Healthcare has seen exponential growth with the utilization of advanced data storage. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are revolutionizing the way we look at business models through intuitive apps. The self-driving car, previously just a work of science fiction, is becoming a reality with numerous companies creating the safest and best automobile for consumers. So what do all these events seem to indicate? Change is inevitable.

New ideas replace the old constructs, and the future brings changes that were once deemed impossible by the past. We see impressionable children develop into confident leaders. We watch young businesses grow into large corporations, and we envision the community that fosters the growth of these monumental achievements. As a community, we want to do whatever we can to provide individuals with the necessary tools to achieve their own personal growth.

As a company that focuses on educational technology, FridgeWorthy’s goal is to provide students, teachers and parents with the tools that will allow them to grow and achieve their goals. We want to provide an educational ecosystem that connects individuals and expands learning opportunities. For a student, this tool is instant access to study materials. For a teacher, this tool is the ability to stay organized and manage the classroom with the press of a button. And for a parent, this tool is up to date information on their student’s learning.

At FridgeWorthy, we know that students’ lives are busy and constantly changing, so we want to provide them with the help they deserve to stay engaged and focused. We’ve partnered with some amazing community leaders to change the landscape of education, and we are just getting started. Are you a student that has been impacted immensely by a fantastic teacher? Or are you a teacher that is proud of your classroom’s initiative?

Whoever you are, we’d love to hear your story about your community and highlight individuals who prove that hard work does pay off! So send us a message on Twitter, write us a story on Facebook or just say hello.

Originally published at on January 14, 2016.

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