Hillary had more dealings with the Russians than Trump Jr or anyone else in the Trump campaign.
Economics Matters by JP

Hillary had more dealings with the Russians than Trump Jr or anyone 
else in the Trump campaign.

Hillary had LEGAL dealings, signed off by our government and multiple agencies, with the Russians. Trump and his ilk did NOT. That’s the difference you don’t seem to understand.

How do you people read the news and still carry on like Trump is the source of all the evil in this country and that the evil did not exist before Trump became President?

Do you want us to go back and make a lit of the awful shit he’s said and done before and after the election? Evil existed before Trump — except he used it to get elected and continues to use it to pull what he pulls.

He has issues no doubt. But to keep chasing this nothing burger is doing nothing but show us how to faced you really are.

Calling Russian meddling a “nothingburger” after ALL that has happened and after the recent Trump Jr. e-mail revelation AND that, today, one of Trump’s ilk admitted he was part of a meeting designed by Russia to help Trump win — that Trump Jr. didn’t disclose — just proves to me that you’re effectively burying your head in the sand.

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