Debunking Russiagate, Part 1
Caitlin Johnstone

Just gonna go out on a limb and say that the Donald Trump, Jr. e-mails (wherein a Russian attorney promised damaging information about Clinton “as part of Russia and its government support for Mr. Trump”) that set up a meeting between the Trump Campaign and Russia aren’t good. Doesn’t matter if “it turned out to be nothing” (even though that’s not even close to confirmed; that’s just what Trump claims and his word is as good as his father’s), he went to a meeting with a Russian attorney who was offering damaging intel on Clinton on behalf of the Russian government. A meeting that was also attended by a former Russian intel officer who had failed to register as a foreign asset (per Republican Charles Grassley, before you get cute and yell “FAKE NEWS”) and was in the U.S. lobbying for Russian interests.

And Trump Jr. actually said, “I love it” and agreed to the meeting.

That’s called “collusion”.

But, you know…keep defending Julian “The Rapist” Assange and shaming people who know that Trump is unfit for office.

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