Resurrected, originally from May 2014


Amidst the throws of a recent sacrificial act, I came upon a single post worthy of a tossed preserver. I decided, instead of dooming it to a fate of bit rot, I would repost it here on Medium. This is, after all, the newer, smarter, and more-safe-for-work version of a dissemination platform, which I believe was Tumblr’s original intent. Somewhat ironically, it even offers up a thought as to why—at least in my humble consideration—Medium has triumphed over Tumblr (if I can be so wild as to judge them thusly).

Disclaimer: I’m hardly a “real” designer, so please have that ubiquitous grain of salt…

This morning, a twinge of sorrow hit me. After spending some quality “not-really-asleep-nor-awake-but-reading-will-tip-those-scales” time perusing the more relevant social networks (my morning routine), I had remembered Tumblr, and for all intents and purposes, that it’s dead. And that mine was still out there, roaming mindlessly within the endless ether of our greatest collective invention like some poor abandoned caribou calf that got separated from the herd, pathetically lost in the desolate wild of the arctic.

I considered what it had been up to all these years, with only the occasional spider for company. I visited it. My tumblog was still live, barely, cowering by the back door, likely wrenching the intellect of those unfortunate souls who happened upon that lost path. It was still, frozen, begging for the inevitable fate to rear its mangled reaper and finally end the neglect and abandonment and misery once and for all. …

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