What is Matt Luna Fishing

Matt Luna Fishing is a documentation of my fishing. It will show my success and failure. It will document my thoughts, my intuition, my tournaments, and days on the lake. It will document my time making lures, things I’ve learned, and more.

I’m not a professional angler and I’m not an expert in the sport of fishing. I don’t fish the BASS Elite Series, or FLW Tour. I fish locally in San Diego, and fish pro/am tournaments through the Wild West Bass Trail, and WON Bass. I have a desire to fish at the BASS Elite Series, or FLW Tour level, but I have a lot to do before that can become a reality. My main objective is to make a living fishing. I am no where close to accomplishing this goal, but the process is underway.

I work a full time job and have a family. I pour lead drop shot weights and lures in order to offset the costs of my fishing. I am like you. I have a passion for fishing, and I am trying to find a way to make my passion my living.

If you follow me, I’ll have content on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Medium, and potentially others as this process unfolds. I want to interact with those that choose to give me their time. When I say time, I’m referring to the time you spend looking at my Instagram posts, watching my YouTube videos, or reading an article such as this.

I appreciate the time you give me, and I hope you follow along my journey. Maybe you’ll be entertained, or learn something along the way. I hope to provide value to you. Maybe something I put out is motivational, entertaining, funny, or a learning opportunity for you.

Thank you, Matt

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Instagram: mattlunafishing