Protein Doesn’t Build Muscle, Exercising Does!

Disciplined Action Builds Muscle!

I’ll be frank and get right to the point. I’m sick and tired of people saying protein builds muscle. Does it? If so, then why are there so many overweight people. After all, we are consuming more animal protein then any other point in human history. Worldwide, meat production has increased nearly 5 times in the second half of the 20th century, and the amount of eaten per person doubled. If that’s not scary enough, by 2050 meat consumption could increase by as much as another 160 percent.

Why as a society do we believe that CARBS make us fat, yet animal protein makes us slim? Here’s is a thought. The next time your in a grocery store, I want you to pay strict attention to what other people are buying. Or if you really want to test out the theory, find someone who is overweight (which shouldn’t be that hard; as a society were more sick than ever) and look at what’s in their grocery cart. But Matt, I would never be so judgmental. Look, there are those who judge and those who lie about judging. We judge people everyday. Such is life. Anyways, I digress. Just do the experiment and see what you find.

In my experience, I’ve observed the following. Grocery carts full of milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, chicken, pork, fish, cow, processed meats, and a host of other processed crap. Usually chips, crackers, pop, frozen pizza, chicken wings, T.V dinners, ice-cream, and of course diet pop. And just for the record (ice-cream derives about 50% of it’s calories from fat) which raises the question; is it the sugar making people fat, or is it the fat making people fat? Well surly the sugar isn’t helping, but to point out the obvious it’s the fat. Even the leanest boneless, skinless chicken breast is about 24% fat. But Matt, we need fat in our diet. Yes, I agree. But remember, virtually all foods have fat. Even strawberries are about 5–7% fat. Yes, it’s true. Google that Sh!% up!

Answer me this? When have you ever seen an overweight person at the grocery store with a shopping cart with the following items: almond milk, rice, potatoes, beans, lentils, bread, squash, rice noodles, pasta, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables? Yes, a cart full of carbs and free from animal products.

Here is another big idea. Why are high protein diets recommended for weight loss, yet also for body building. Don’t those two ideas contradict themselves? Eat eggs, fish, chicken, Greek yogurt, and Whey protein for weight loss; yet those very same foods are staples for body builders trying to gain weight. If Carbs make you gain weight, and protein makes you slim, then why don’t body builders eat fruit, rice, and potatoes? Umm…something isn’t adding up.

Most people people recommending this hogwash are so far into a state of ketosis that they can’t even think straight. Eat lots of protein if you want to lose weight and follow the same advice if you want to gain weight? Which brings me to my final point. Protein doesn’t build muscle, exercising does!

Isn’t it a romantic idea that a ripped body come from eating eggs, greek yogurt, fish, chicken, and protein shakes. It appeals to our habit for minimizing time and effort. Hence why fitness trends such as P90X, Insanity, and 8 minute abs have gained popularity in recent years. We want a fit looking body, we just don’t wan to do the work.

It drives me absolute bonkers when people downplay their training and credit their results to egg whites, chicken breasts, or protein shakes. What gives? Why can’t we see past the BS? Why can’t we take credit for our hard work? The reality is most people just don’t know a thing about nutrition. Now, I’m no expert, but I was blessed with two eyes. I can see past the crap and the contradictions plaguing society.