“Who Is Matt Maddix?”

People ask me all the time, “Matt, what do you do and who are you?” Ok, I’ll keep it simple. I am a full time dad that is committed to becoming the greatest dad that has ever walked on earth. My gift and calling in life is to MOTIVATE people. My name is Matt Maddix. My full name is “Matthew Motivation Maddix!” Motivation is my middle name baby ;) I am the MASTER of MOTIVATION! My focus is to:

  1. Motivate People to Serve & Give to the Poor
  2. Motivate People to Lose Weight and Get Healthy
  3. Motivate Men to step up and become GREAT Dads
  4. Motivate People to Become Successful
  5. Motivate People to be Effective Soul Winners
  6. Motivate Pastors to Grow their Churches
  7. Motivate People to Master Sales

Everyday of my life is spent trying to MOTIVATE people to excel in those 7 areas. Therefore, I am a Motivation & Success Coach, Trainer and Speaker! I am also a Talk Show Host of “The Matt & Caleb Show” and “Fuel For Success,” Consultant, Minister, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Author of best selling book, “Just Juice Juice It,” Founder of Mission 25 and Soul Winners Boot Camp and Co-Founder of My Health 90. If you need coaching or training in any of those areas, let me know and I’ll help you.

Matt Maddix