Never Give Up

Friends, you are going to make it. I know that at times life seems to hand us set back after set back. It can be discouraging and dishearting to experience pain and setback while trying so hard to reach your dreams. However, the pressure is the process to developing the power. Don’t let the setbacks, struggles and disappointments kill your dreams, enthusasim and passion. You are GOING TO SEE YOUR DREAMS COME TO PASS! You are going to have that breakthrough you’ve been fighting for. You WILL laugh again! It’s not always going to be this tight. You are not always going to hurt like this. You will come back stronger and more successful than ever before.

  1. Don’t EVER give up on your Dreams
  2. Write your Goals EVERDAY
  3. Keep your mind on your VISION
  4. Refuse to focus on the Struggle
  5. Work your FACE OFF spite of the Pain (Straight up do this)

Sometimes you just have to shake yourself off, go look in the mirror and give yourself a peep talk. You are stronger than you think you are! You have the ability to rise above all failure, struggle and setback. You are powerful! You were born to win! Partner with God and be the winner that you were created to be. Don’t let the struggles and setbacks stop you from becoming great. Strive for greatness and excellence. Shock your critics and leave them speechless. Keep on hustling and executing. Work when u don’t feel like working. Give when u have nothing left to give. Go the extra mile even when you are exhausted. Do whatever it takes! Do anything and everything that you have to do to make sure that you, “NEVER GIVE UP!”

Matt Maddix

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