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In the last post we mentioned the idea of *pivoting Humanity* into a micro-regenerative ecosystem, an ecosystem designed to revitalize the existing infrastructure of any nation as opposed to just changing it into something new, and therefore “temporarily” better. How far could or should a nation pivot its model, if at all?

The most important thing to remember is that uniquely in America’s case the individual journey of each citizen, community, township, and even state is the most critical component of the system, which is in contrast to systems of other nation states where everything is an interconnected subset of…

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Leading the way! Indeed, a fundamental question of what is the unique advantage that makes humanity great. Therefore, let us dissect how a nation that is designed for *collective resilience* based on individualism is not only a leader in a time of crisis, but is capable of pioneering a new paradigm of regeneration that is needed more than ever. Let’s look closer at the micro-dynamics of regenerating communities, places, and spaces.

We last talked about *collective resilience* and why humanity’s individualism is inherently a core building block of such a dynamic, see previous post [Block 003]. While, further on that…

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Let’s dive a bit deeper in this idea of Micro-Entrepreneurship 2.0 and find out why it is a powerful tool to drive grit on a micro level to help redefine *collective resilience* in a world where local problems can scale globally at an exponentially increasing rate. Can small communities uniquely lead the way?

Powered by the core concepts of locally driven self-Sustainability, community Inclusion, Diversity of ideas, open Education, and regional Decentralization, small communities were uniquely designed to lead the resilience driven micro-entrepreneurial revolution, see previous post [Block 002]. …

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So, we left off with the human spirit of *perpetual creativity*. Indeed, a big part of what makes us all special.

But what else did America’s founders understand?

They also knew why successful nations needed to be fundamentally different. They understood that the “old world” was built on one very subtle but extremely powerful social force that was not sustainable any longer. This force was called “Tribalism” and is what constitutes the fundamental basis of most other nations. Instead,a far superior answer is called “Individualism”; built on diversity, inclusion, and the power of individual freedom.

Hence, great nations are not…

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Great things are usually built one block at a time, but they always start with a solid foundation.

So, why launch a paradigm shifting startup from a low-tech rust belt city?

This one is the easy question to answer.

For some reason we find ourselves living in a world that is split between two realities, the tech and the non-tech. Dataism, the Internet of Things, Singularity, and the Blockchain dominate the conversation, the imagination, and the resources of this generation.

Blue-collar, common services, manufacturing, and other non-tech sectors seem to be forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind, as they…



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