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The classic response to this situation is that CP and Harden can’t share. Did anyone watch the Clips this year?? They trotted out lineups with three guards pretty often — CP, Rivers, Felton, or Crawford shared time, with CP playing off the ball in a lot of those situations. I’m willing to bet that he and Harden discussed that reality after their respective seasons ended. Harden experienced similar situations (less often, admittedly) when sharing the ball with one of Eric Gordon/Lou Will (both of whom statheads absolutely loved because of their PnR prowess).

Then, think about how the Rockets flamed out in the playoffs. Harden was dead tired in games 5 and 6 of their series vs. the Spurs. He had potential support on offense via Eric Gordon and Lou Will in terms of on-ball duties, but neither of those guys can defend for a lick. D’Antoni is probably salivating at the chance to use CP/Harden in a combo on the ball, resting each when the other gets worn out, sacrificing nothing on defense in terms of CP vs. Beverley, and gaining elite, turnover-less guard play. More is better!

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