Open letter to BlackBerry

Dear BlackBerry!

I’m reading news all over The Internet how you have problems with your hardware division. I’m sad to hear that because I was your loyal user for years and still have a lot of love for your products.

I remember first BlackBerry I ever owned — Pearl. Hell, I even loved Storm that everyone hates and said was a disaster. But I loved that press touch concept.
Why I’m writing you this letter? -Well for some bigger picture that BlackBerry company needs to see.

As you may guess I’m not BlackBerry user for anymore, I switched to iPhone, then to Nokia Lumia and last year to Lenovo Android phone. You also switched to Android platform and introduced a bad-ass device called Priv. I must confess that I never had a chance to play with Priv in live, I only saw it online on pictures and videos.

As Priv may be good device it’s very expensive and from latest news sell only around 500.000 units. This is still a huge number of Crackberry heads that love and respect BlackBerry brand.

Now we are getting into right direction…

As much I loved other platforms I always wanted to have parts of BB10 on my phone — Hub, keyboard, those notifications badges. When you switched to Android you introduced all this into Android platform and I was one step closer to get it.

Like all good BlackBerry past/current/future owners, I’m more than familiar with community that … can’t find words to describe all those amazing guys and girls. The best part about CrackBerry is a forum that can be very helpful. And there I find a guide to install all Priv app on my Lenovo Android phone.

So this letter and all this is about Priv apps! Open them, give them access to other Android devices and start from this. Show people what is great and unique about BlackBerry apps and services.

My Lenovo runs Priv app perfectly and I love them.


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