Review diary — Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Za hrvatsku verziju klikni ovdje.

The latest “toy” which arrived this week to my address is from Adidas workshop. It’s smart running watch that is called (guess what?) Smart Run.

I don’t want this to be another classic review, so I decided to use a slightly different approach. What will be different this time? Well, I will in chronologically order post what I have tested, from initial impressions until a review is complete. My plan also includes publishing video, something that I didn’t use before.

So shall we begin…

— — — — —

April 20, 2016.
I opted for a new training plan, synchronize watch and did the first practice. How I decided that my training would be heart rate based. 
During running, the display shows heartbeats, in which zone are we running and how much time we need to spend in it.

April 14, 2016.
New firmware for the Smart Run is out — version 5.1.0. The only novelty that comes with this update is remove of MixRadio service that was discounted last month.

April 13, 2016.
For my birthday, I decided to reward myself with a good workout and to do 3x1600m at Segesta Stadium. I have been actively used hardware button and without a problem every time the clock stopped assuming 1600m. Button responds well to pressure.

April 8, 2016.
I avoid running in the rain, but not this time. I was a pleasure because I didn’t have to carry a smartphone. Watch on the wrist was enough. Raindrops did make navigation on the screen a bit hard, but it one fast screen wipe with s shirt fixed all problems.

April 7, 2016.
I log into page and under “Gear” chose Smart Run where I have to choose what data will be displayed during my workout. They are three screens available and you can choose up to four types of data to be displayed. This option is only available via web and pity that this cannot be set via train & run applications or directly on the watch.

April 6, 2016.
Done my first 5k running. Watch needed few minutes to locate the GPS signal. When the signal was located, it stayed stable throughout the whole run. The only thing I didn’t like was data displayed during the run. While watching my running statistic on I realize that I could change data that are displayed during a workout.

April 5, 2016.
After nearly three months of wearing miCoach fit smart on my wrist, I have replaced it with miCoach Smart Run watch that will now become my daily companion. First impressions are that the watch is bigger, bulkier and heavier compared to fit smart. What surprised me was the design that seamlessly fits into sporty and office look.