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Review: Trayvax Summit

I don’t know how are you, but I’m sick of thick wallet. We have a small mountain of different plastic cards we always carry but do not use. To all that add money, bills, papers and soon your wallet are fat little pig who weigh half a ton. The easiest way to avoid this is to leave your fat wallet and only carry money and personal ID. But then you will need that card you have left in your wallet. That bastard Murphy.

From last year I the proud owner of Trayvax Original wallet that has solved most of the problems I had with fat wallets and now is my everyday companion. Perhaps, one flaw that Trayvax wallet has is that there is no pocket for small change, but if you ask me it’s better that way. I’ve solved this problem with a small zip pouch for coins.

In addition to the now legendary Original model with whom the whole story started, Trayvax is proudly offering the most minimalistic model named Summit which consists of cold-rolled steel construction and webbing made of military nylon which is available in several colors.

This is probably a maximum of how wallet can be minimalistic but still retains all the features that are expected of one wallet. What I expect from the wallet is that can store all the cards that I need some amount of money.

Today for almost all purchases we are using credit cards, physical money is less and less necessary. The Summit can save up to eight cards — personal ID, driver’s license, credit cards and even an occasional loyalty cards. More than eight cards are not recommended to place in it.

Strap firmly holds all the cards and money. It will not happen that they accidentally fall from it. I tested the Summit while running and all the cards stayed firmly tight. To further ensure that the Summit will not fall out of pocket, you can add lace or carabiner through the hole.

Although the Summit is lighter and takes up even less space in the pocket than the Original. I still prefer Original because it’s too dear to me and I’m not ready to change my primary wallet. But when I’m running or going out to they city, Summit is in my pocket.

In the flood of items that are made in China, it is very difficult today to find something that is not created there. Summit and other Trayvax wallets are entirely designed and made in the USA. They also have a lifetime warranty. Reviewed Summit model “Forrest Camo” can be purchased through the official store for $19.99.