Sleep deprivation rears its pretty head.

This morning, as I was walking back from getting coffee, something caught my eye. I almost don’t want to say what it was because it’s one of those things that people will look at you funny if you bring it up, or worse, think you’re angling for some sort of Mr. Artist Guy-type consideration. And it wasn’t anything special, really, just a puddle lying between the curb and the sidewalk on Ashland Ave.

What was unusual about it was that it was a color I’d never seen before. I literally walked around it twice trying to figure it out. Was it blue? Grey?

Complicating all this was the fact that it seemed to shift and change colors depending on my orientation to it. One second it was the color of the surrounding sidewalk, the next it was reflecting the dawn sky. It was crazy.

Someday, far in the future, someone will ask me what my favorite color is and I’ll respond “blue” because I always respond with “blue.” But then, a few weeks after that, I’ll be sitting around, spacing out, and I’ll think about my answer and I’ll wish I could change it to whatever the fuck I saw this morning.

It’ll be too late then, of course, and I’ll have forgotten all about this, but it’s nice to know that at one point I had a Real Answer and not just something to say for the sake of saying it.

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