How To Use ABT To Stand Out

ABT? Always Be Testing. Launching a new product won’t work unless you test it first. The other day I heard a story about a company who invested $2 million into the development of a product that was never tested with consumers. Over the course of 3 years the product was internally developed and perfected. No one ever stopped to ask a potential consumer what they thought. When the product launched not a single person bought it!

Talk to people.

Stop trying to build the perfect product for yourself. Evaluate the market space for opportunities based on real world problems. You can start by simply asking consumers what problems they have with current products on the market. Or what problems they face in life on a daily basis. Point is build a product that solves a real problem. For some reason we’ve overcomplicated the product development process. You don’t need a computer to identify problems the consumer is facing. All you need is to engage in simple conversation. Plus it will save you millions of dollars. Always use the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

Always Be Testing.

Once you identify a true consumer problem then you can begin product development. In the early stages don’t try to make something perfect. Remember you’ve just identified a problem. You’re not going to have the perfect solution immediately. Ask people what they think. What works. What doesn’t work. Build and rebuild.

Nothing is perfect. Remember that. And please have more conversations with people. If you’re anyway involved with product development you need to talk to people. The reason products fail is because the people building them don’t talk to the people the product is intended for. People with problems. Your product needs to be the solution to a problem. Your product needs to be consumer centric. Look at Apple, Amazon & Google. KISS!

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