An open letter to Ajit Pai to save Net Neutrality

Mr. Pai,

I humbly request you change you vote to No to save Net Neutrality. And here is why…

The internet has allowed me to have a wonderful career. I have been the part of 4 small business since I graduated from college in 2000. I graduated as a graphic designer and applied through email for jobs I found online. I was hired by an interior design firm called Lauckgroup who in 2000, right before the dot com bubble imploded, was working for some of the biggest internet companies of the day here in Dallas, Texas. I quickly became interested in developing websites and decided that was the career path I wanted to follow. I studied and learned mostly from others on the internet. As I got better and better I was given more opportunities to build websites for clients.

After 5 short years I was able to land a gig making websites full time with a tiny company named Switch. We worked hard and loved being able to enrich the internet around us with more and more websites. As a small business our goal was to help other small business find a better footing to go out and compete and succeed. We grew from just 2 employees when I started to 12 when I left the company in 2014. That is real job creation. It was permanent jobs. And jobs for people that needed them for people that had to have them filled. Our company grew so we were lucky enough to be forced by the market to hire more people.

In 2012 I was made the offer of a lifetime. A friend was starting a business and they needed a website. In fact they needed one so badly they offered me full partnership if I built the website and continued to run it. Looking back I never could have thought that the weekend I spent building would lead me to where I am today. But I was lucky and here I am. We started with 4 part-time and 1 full-time unpaid people and grew the business to where we are now. We’ve been featured on Shark Tank, NY Times, LA Times, hell even Buzzfeed. We sell crazy socks online and deliver happiness to people all over the world. Almost all of our sales are through our little niche in the world wide web. And yet thousands upon thousands of people have found us and helped us become the success we are today.

So, I am grateful in more ways that I can count for the internet and net neutrality. It has allowed a career full of opportunities I would not have had without it. I welcome the competition that net neutrality brings. I want all business large and small to stand on equal footing. We are a country that strives on innovation and without net neutrality the innovation I have seen through my career will be stagnant.

Please, again I implore you to vote no to save Net Neutrality. Keep the internet open and free.

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