Welcome, Matt.
Lon Shapiro

Lon, thank you for your insightful response. It appears that I need to re-onboard myself as Facebook debates and time scarcity impeded on Medium writing plan. I’m a perfectionist and the edit comment/post button on Facebook is made for people with my brain wiring. Facebook writing seems to draw out profound thoughts and insight possibly resulting from the immediacy and urgency of posts . I know that eyeballs will consume the words and I’ll receive feedback. Medium writing tends to freefall through a feedback vacuum.

Regarding anger, I tend to write my most poignant pieces filled with razor sharp arguments that cut through flimsy comments. It’s addictive. Maybe now that the election has subsided I can focus more on blogish writing. I hope so.

I look forward to checking out Tobias and Luke’s work. Authentic writing is why I love writing and reading. Authenticity makes writing beautiful. Writing from an authentic place forces deep internal contemplation unlike any known communication universe. I always ask myself why and where my fear originates.

Thank you again for the thought-provoking response and please stay in touch.

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