Hey Broadcast Who Is Your @BethanyMota?

Interesting article by Mike Shields in the WSJ yesterday speaking to an Influencer Strategy YouTube highlighted at the #Upfronts #Newfronts #Brandcast this year. Kris Magel of IPG is seemingly left with the thought, is a whole generation consuming content differently, do the big broadcast networks need to be thinking about how to cater to this emerging consumer? In short, YES, 100%. Whether its entertainment, education, or something else the consumer is consuming video differently these days and linear TV just might be going the way of the Dodo bird.

In that vein, other things are changing too… do you remember the last concert or festival you went to? How long before you come across these “guys” on stage? =) Maybe you already have…

Here is a preview of the Compressorheads practicing at Robocross in Berlin #AceOfSpades Yes, I am serious!

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