A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

I am really sorry that this happened to you. My brother is gender fluid (born female, identifies as male) so I was very upset to hear that a professional player would do something like this. His actions are 150% inexcusable. Period. I firmly believe that MTG is supposed to be a safe place for everyone to come together and play a game that we all love and have fun playing. For you to be put through this…there aren’t words, only that I feel awful for you. His comment isn’t something that should be said even in a joking matter to a complete stranger. A Mental Misstep as it were.

However, I find your article disgusting and a detriment to your cause. This is a smear campaign article, plain and simple. Reading his apology message to you personally that you posted makes me think that he is genuinely sorry for his comment. He feels awful about it. He even stated that any advice you could give him would be welcome. He genuinely wants to make up for this based on what I read. You went off on him, and then you go and vilify him here in this article, even going so far as to slam him for making a Facebook apology.

He didn’t have to post anything at all. But he did. He even messaged you personally. He didn’t have to do that either. But you’re mad that it only reaches 5000 people, and you think he should have posted to Twitter because it can spread even more and destroy his character even further. You want blood, pure and simple. You won’t be happy until everyone YOU feel needs to know knows what a terrible misconduct he made.

Were you wronged? ABSOLUTELY. No question. But, because he wronged you, you are going to destroy everything that he is, shame him in front of everyone he does and doesn’t know, ruin his career, and kick him so far into the gutter that he will never be able to show his face without being known not as an ignorant fool who learned a lesson, but a piece of trash that should be outcast and treated like less of a human being? Really? Is this what kind of message you want to send on behalf of the Transgender community? Isn’t there enough of that coming your way (wrongfully) as it is? Why push it off on someone else? You missed a big opportunity here.

Here is a man that you had an opportunity to not only teach a lesson, but educate, and send a message on behalf of the transgender community and you instead resort to trying to destroy him as thoroughly as possible for his transgression. Instead of creating awareness, you create an image as a bitter and resentful HUMAN BEING. Ali will learn his lesson, believe that. But he might learn it for all of the wrong reasons. YOU might create this transphobia in him. Instead of getting to know an awesome community of people who just happen to identify differently than as they were born, he may go on to avoid them entirely out of FEAR. Not fear of transgender as your article would have its readers believe, but fear of interaction in any way because he might misstep and be thrown out to the wolves again. Better to avoid them altogether and avoid any possible chance to mess up than accidentally say something that triggers a response such as yours and destroy a career he has worked hard to build up. One that you would gladly see brought down and torn asunder because you aren’t satisfied with his apology or his punishment.

Be angry! Be upset! You have a right to that! But don’t go write about how insincere he is, or how you think his apology isn’t good enough, because honestly, he didn’t have to do anything. He reached out to you personally. Do you even get how big that is? Do you even comprehend how terrible he must feel, and how awkward it was for him to message you personally? Do you even care? Or are you too busy trying to destroy a Pro and send a message?

People make mistakes. People make ill-fated, stupid mistakes. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror. You have made mistakes in your life too. Mistakes that some have probably forgiven you for. Ali deserves punishment for his actions. But does he really deserve the scorched Earth campaign you would like to see?

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