Until death do us part

In one week, I’m marrying the woman that I will call my wife, my soulmate, my everything until death do us part.

…Until death do us part…

That’s a long time, isn’t it? I wonder what she’s going to call me along the way? Something like: the guy that doesn’t listen or the house dweller that leaves a trail of tissues wherever he goes.

But that’s marriage, isn’t it? Two folks joining in matrimony, for better or for worse. Two individuals beckoned to fully-accept who they are, inside and out.

We’re both about to embark on a life changing event and one that I’m ready to fully commit myself to. Words cannot express how excited I am to marry my love, Sarah Correa and begin our new journey together.

…But before we get started…

Guns? In a love story?!

We can’t have a love story without a little fun, right?

There’s a scene in Inglorious Basterds where Lt. Raine, played by Brad Pitt, faces off with a lone German soldier in what looks to be escalating to a Mexican Standoff before the soldier is killed by a spy thought to be dead lying on the floor. A Mexican Standoff, if you don’t know, is where two parties no matter if they confront or retreat are still in harms way.

Yeah, we had one of those moments too — a long time ago. (Warning: Sarah hates this story.)

When we started dating, there was a brief phase where neither of us made a move. No calls, no texts, and no Facebook poking. (Yes that was a thing back then and I believe that’s how I asked her out on our first date.) Both parties, on the defense, to see who would make the first move. Guess who caved first?


It should have been the perfect time to asses the situation: She’s not calling you; Don’t give in! All the signs of possible trouble ahead.

Well, I folded like a pair of 2–7's.

There was something about her. Something that made me book another lunch date at New Boston Bakery. Something that had me poking her on Facebook again. Maybe it was her smile, or her easy-going attitude or how I felt like I could be myself around her.

Or, perhaps, I was falling in love.

Love is strange like that

Why is it we do the things we do? Love is strange like that.

I’ll never forget seeing Sarah for the first time:

It was a summer night, we were out at a party and she was wearing a light yellow dress (or sweater? I always get it confused) which contrasted wonderfully against her tan skin. Radiant is the best word to describe it. (When I tell this story, she downplays it…aaand doesn’t even remember me being there…anyway.)

If I was lucky, I had said maybe 6 words to her throughout the night, but seeing her and hearing her talk, I knew she was the one.

“I’m going to marry this one.” I actually thought to myself.

Spool through the sub-sequential weeks, months, years, and that dream is finally coming true. Now I find myself saying, “I’m going to stay married to this one.”

I’m no fool — Nothing in this world comes easy, so I don’t expect marriage to be easy either. I won’t say it’s a whirlwind of compromises, as we’re fairly easy-going people, but we’re not without. Any relationship comes with it’s ups-and-downs, but I anticipate that.

Over the years, we have both found our ways of dealing with one another. One minute we’re arguing about something so foolish I can’t even think of a real example right now; the next we’re ordering a pizza — her favorite.

Finally though, for the first time in my life, I’m ready for that next step. That next chapter and that new path — that challenge. Mainly because I know she’s ready for it too and that makes it so much more real.

She’s taking the leap with me and that’s what matters.

I do

I’m going to cry like a baby on August 30th, 2015.

Not because I’m scared (well maybe a little), not because of the economics of a modern day wedding (seriously, I’m in the wrong business), but because my well of emotions are finally going to spill over.

I know when I see how beautiful she looks being escorted by her father and step-father it’s going to be impossible to keep a dry eye.

On that Sunday, I’m going to be the happiest guy on the planet. To finally have Sarah as my wife is the best thing I could hope for. Saying “I do” are the words that will commit me to being the best husband she could ask for, for the next 100 years.

From that day on I hope she feels loved, respected and cared for beyond her wildest expectations. As a husband, I can only hope to provide a life that she has dreamed of having. To love her, as much as she loves me.

I do…two little words that mean so much to us.


Our marriage is greater than just us, but a life together to be shared with friends and family.

Both of us gaining more than we could have hoped for in the deal. I’m marrying into a family full of amazing women and she earns the right to put up with my friends — a fair trade.

Our families are unique in their own way, but are filled with more love and support than any new couple could ask for.

We love each other’s family & friends unconditionally and marriage sure to strengthen that even more. Creating memories not just for ourselves, but for those closest to us.

To Sarah

I cannot wait for our day, our years, and our life together.

I couldn’t picture a life without you — and I never want to. There’s so much about you that I love:

  • Your strength, which enables you to put up with me.
  • Your love, that keeps showing up on the good days and the bad.
  • Your beauty, it’s unmatched and unavoidable.
  • Your handwriting. (Seriously, have you people seen it?!)

Right now, I’m so excited to do this with you.

Our (almost) year of being engaged has gone by in a blink of an eye and I can only wish that our years together doesn’t do the same. I want to feel like we live an eternity together, loving each other, exploring a life together, and being the best we can be — together.

So let’s do this thing right: Let’s celebrate with our dearest family & friends, have our first dance together, toast to our nuptials, and then park our asses on the beach for two weeks!

I love you and this new life we’re starting!

p.s. I’ll get better with cleaning up after myself.

p.p.s Stop leaving the nice new knives tip-down.

p.p.p.s Maybe I should go hide the knives now? (love you)

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