In 1994 Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino defined a mixed reality as “…anywhere between the extrema of…
Jason Marsh

thanks Jason. Getting into definitions of AR etc is usually a topic I try to avoid, and definitely avoid getting pedantic about with people until they can conceptualize the actual user experience. I’m glad more & more people are becoming aware of Milgrams continuum (and eventually also my friend Ron Azuma’s definition of AR). Those are certainly the “correct” definitions IMO. I’m finding people are gradually figuring it out (even some marketing departments — google is talking about spatial & immersive computing & referring to google glass now as a HUD!). Doug Bowman & my SV partner Mark Bilinghurst are decades old friends, both world experts in similar domains, so you could say I’ve got a good sense of what Doug’s been up to broadly, though of course I avoided specifics in this post, and afaik he hasn’t shared any hard details of what he worked on at Apple.

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