Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO

Matt Mikaelson
Aug 9, 2016 · 3 min read

In an article published in Inc. in March 2016, CEO Ignite Visibility John Lincoln claimed that when it came to ecommerce, Amazon’s SEO far outshone Google’s. It’s no wonder that Amazon, surpassing Google, is now the #1 choice for online shoppers. Sellers on Amazon are some of the highest earning vendors online, with their customer base growing by 30 million accounts every year.

However, Amazon’s ranking policies are very different from Google’s and you need different SEO techniques to rank there.

Amazon Doesn’t Use Offsite Signals for Ranking

With Google, links, history, social media accounts and other offsite signals are used to judge the relevance of the webpage and where it should rank. Amazon, on the other hand, doesn’t consider third-party forces — most forces that increase your ranking are text-based and exist on the Amazon site, itself.

Once is Enough for Amazon

According to Marketing Word’s Karon Thackston, “…it is not essential for keywords to reappear on Amazon. Type in the keyword in either the title, search term field, seller name or brand, etc. and Amazon’s algorithm has it.” Conduct keyword research on amazon to build a list of keywords. Your most important keyword must be in the title, with 2nd tier keywords in the description and 3rd tier keywords in the details.

Amazon Prefers Short Tail Keywords

Unlike Google, Amazon likes working with short tail keywords, instead of phrases. This is because a customer is very unlikely to pose a question to amazon. If they want to purchase a laptop, they’ll just put in ‘laptop’ or ‘HP laptop’. In Google, they’re likelier to type in “where can I buy HP laptop?” On Amazon, they already have the answer to that.

Amazon is Much Formal than Google

Since Amazon is primarily a shopping website, it applies more buying/selling-based search filters when displaying search results. For example, if a seller is out-of-stock, they’ll fall way down SERPs — even if all other indicators are healthy. This won’t happen in Google. Amazon is also very conscious of listing the latest bestselling products at the very top, that’s why it changes BSRs every hour or so, based on reviews and sales. That doesn’t happen in Google’s product search results.

Amazon Prefers Product Quality Over Content Quality

Ranking on Google depends on the quality and relevancy of your content. In their webmaster guidelines, Google states that you need to, “guarantee that [your webpage] covers a lot of rich data that contains relevant keywords, used suitably, that reflects the topic of your content.” On the other hand, Amazon is likelier to rank you higher if your content is 2nd class but you sell a world-class product that customers seem to love.

Start Amazon SEO Today Using Amazon Keyword Tool

You’ll find a ton of articles on the internet that try to school you about SEO on Amazon. However, none of them tell you how to organize your research. By using AMZInsight’s web-based amazon keyword research tool, your entire SEO and keyword universe come together in one place.

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Matt Mikaelson is a Marketing Executive at AMZInsight who trusts in the power of research. He specializes in data services, tech trends, marketing analysis and

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