Amazon: Entrepreneurs Wanted


My team at AWS is looking to hire serial, VC-backed entrepreneurs to build relationships with and mentor the world’s most promising early stage founders.

Here are a few of the more exemplary bios of my teammates:

  • Co-Founder/CEO of HelloFresh ($1B, private)
  • Founder/CEO of Stitcher Radio (Raised $19M from Benchmark & NEA, acquired), VP of BD at Stubhub (acquired by eBay for $310M)
  • Employee #6 at Yahoo, founder of Jetpac (acquired by Google), co-owner of Lazy Bear (2 Michelin Star Restaurant)

(And yet, they still hired me, so the standards can’t be that high…)

Our mission is to help startups win, because every time a unicorn gets crowned, a new market for cloud services opens up.

AWS is the world’s largest & fastest growing cloud business, growing ~42% year-over-year on a revenue run-rate of $14B / year.

Amazon is a high freedom, low control culture. Pay is competitive with Google/Facebook.

We are hiring globally, including places like San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin and Seattle. Please pass the word to any high-quality VC-backed founders you know who may be interested in taking a break from the startup roller coaster/meat grinder, but still want to stay in the game. It’s a solid gig.

My email is


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