Why I Chose Adobe XD
Cyril Rouhana

I think the article title is misleading and the article itself is unfair (and biased).

Going from Axure RP / InVision / Photoshop / Illustrator to Adobe XD is all good and well but everyone in this industry knows the big question is Sketch or XD. Everyone reading the title of your article will want to know why you chose XD over Sketch.

You briefly mention you tried Sketch but you also mention you are a Windows user multiple times. How have you tried Sketch and how long did you persevere with it for?

You posted an extensive post about some flaws with Sketch. If you are going to post articles about the issues Sketch have had — post some about XD as well so people can get a fair idea. It hasn’t been a smooth road for the XD team.

“You can design. But you need to pay for another tool to prototype or showcase you final product.” Again, a bit unfair. You talk of the merits of the PS and AI integration with XD but you don’t mention that your Adobe license will be $50 if you want all those pieces of software. So you have to buy additional software with XD also.

You have chosen the best application for UI design for a Windows machine.

The article should have been called ‘If you are a Windows user, choose XD.’