Usability Testing Sprint

  1. This sprint was focused on usability testing. We learned about how to conduct a usability test, including how act while moderating and how to prompt testers into explaining their thoughts. We then planned out our own usability test for a microwave that included three different tests and three data types for each test.
Brainstorming different microwave features that can be tested for usability.
Talking with group on how to organize our usability test.

Through three different trials we tested a variety of features on the microwave including installation of heating tray and the manipulation of power level and clock settings. We chose these tasks because they are common problems for microwave users and some of the tasks, such as setting the time, are counter intuitive. After the testing we consolidated our data and findings into a PowerPoint presentation.

Presentation for Sanyo microwave usability test.

2. Our trials provided a lot of insight into the process of usability testing. We found that even when prompting our testers to speak their thoughts out loud they would remain quiet and complete the tasks in silence. In the future we need to be more assertive in our instructions and explain to the subjects that we need to be able to understand what they are thinking in order to properly assess the usability of a product.

3. This project was positive in the fact that it gave us hands on experience into product testing as well as usability issues. I enjoyed the process of moderating each usability test and providing instructions to the test users because it gave me a feel for usability testing as a career. The information and techniques learned in the sprint were very applicable to our trials and in turn applicable to a real world product testing scenario.